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      "Go on.""I thought I could," said Si, "but I'm 'bout played out! I am, fer a fact! I guess ef I rest a bit I'll be able to ketch up after a while."

      "Have you a home there, too?"

      Pen thought in dismay: "One of them has put that idea into his head!" She said no more, but marched indignantly back to her room.

      "We must go over there in the mornin' an' take a look at the place," said Si drowsily. "It will be good to remember alongside o' the way they slapped it to us the first day."Pen was too startled to be angry any more. A terribly dangerous situation faced her, and she needed all her wits with which to meet it.

      Pen shrugged.

      "Fo' de Lawd, boss," said an old darky who had been roosting on the fence watching the spoilers, "I nebber seed de crap gaddered so quick since I'se bawn. You'uns all is powerful smart, da't shuah!"


      "I always come here when I wish to be alone," said Pen with delicate emphasis.


      His voice became more abject. "Wait a minute! You don't understand. All I want is a word. You see how I am suffering. A word from you will end it!"


      Then absolute silence fell again, and moment by moment her breast became tighter. It was worse now because she could feel the presences around her. Why didn't they do something? Suddenly a wicked little thought occurred to her. She smiled and at the same time shook with fear. She commenced to murmur half-audibly to herself. It was only a nursery rhyme, but she meant it to sound like conversation.